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Net Zero

There are various types of greenhouse gases apart from carbon dioxide, such as methane. In recent years, climate change has become an extremely urgent issue. Carbon reduction alone is not enough to resolve the overwhelming climate crisis. Therefore, humans need to understand the imperative of reducing the emissions of every type of greenhouse gases. 

Net zero emissions means removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere as completely as possible. Fu Jen Catholic University is dedicated to achieving the goal of net zero emissions. For example, the College of Fashion and Textiles promotes sustainable fashion. The College strives to achieve sustainability while creating fashion by reducing water use in the printing and dyeing process, avoiding energy waste, reducing carbon footprints, and avoiding chemical pollution and the usage of toxic pesticides. In the manufacturing process, the college pays close attention to environmental, human rights, animal issues related to the production chain. On top of that, the College conducts studies on carbon reduction, with the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions.