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Author published in "Inorganic Chemistry" affiliate to

College of Science and Engineering

Yuan Jang Chen

Department of Chemistry, Fu Jen Catholic University,

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Article published in

"Inorganic Chemistry " 2021, 60, 14, 10799–10807

Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Two-Electron Bimetallic Cu–Ag and Cu–Au Nanoclusters via Copper Hydride Precursors

The synthesis, structural characteristics, and photophysical properties of luminescent Cu-rich bimetallic superatomic clusters [Au@Cu12(S2CNnPr2)6(C≡CPh)4]+ (1a+), [Au@Cu12{S2P(OR)2}6(C≡CPh)4]+ (2+), (2a+ = iPr; 2b+ = nPr), [Au@Cu12{S2P(C2H4Ph)2}6(C≡CPh)4]+ (2c+), and [Ag@Cu12{S2P(OnPr)2}6(C≡CPh)4]+ (3+) were studied. Compositionally uniform clusters 1+3+ were isolated from the reaction of dithiolato-stabilized, polyhydrido copper clusters with phenylacetylene in the presence of heterometal salts. By using X-ray diffraction, the structures of 1a+2a+2b+, and 3+ were able to be determined. ESI–mass spectrometry and elemental analysis confirmed their compositions and purity. The structural characteristics of these clusters are similar with respect to displaying gold (or silver)-centered Cu12 cuboctahedra surrounded by six dithiocarbamate/dithiophosph(in)ate and four alkynyl ligands. The doping of Au and Ag atoms into the polyhydrido copper nanoclusters significantly enhances their PL quantum yields from Ag@Cu12 (0.58%) to Au@Cu12 (55%) at ambient temperature in solution. In addition, the electrochemical properties of the new alloys were investigated by cyclic voltammetry.