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Visions and Limits of Sisterhood: Reflections on a Non-Profit Organization Implementing a Video Empowerment Initiative for New Residents/Immigrant Workers in Southeast Asia

        Founded theoretically on multi- cultural education and critical feminism, the aim of this project is to investigate how the ‘sisterhood’ engage in the activity of ‘self-representation’ documentary workshop, for the marginalized female immigrant and migrant workers from Southeast Asia, which organized by non-government organization (NGO). The main goal of this study is to discover the context of the development of ‘sisterhood’ during the procedure of self-filming activity, and to find out how does it affect the outcome of this social-action. The study will focus on the inter-action of coalition building among the NGO members including organizer and female immigrants/ migrant workers, while striving toward the mission of the NGO.Based on the case study, the researcher will use semi-structural interviews and text-analysis to discover the inter-discourse and diversity of the identification and difference under the consciousness of gender, race, class and cultural background among the ‘sisters’. Hopefully, the finding will be valued on the field of social praxis and social movements for the NGO and marginalized other.