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Gon-Ann Lee, Ph.D.

College of Science and Engineering

Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry

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The Synthesis and Chemistry of Cyclopropenes

Cyclopropene, the smallest cycloalkene, has attracted the attention of both theoretical and experimental chemists. Cyclopropene contains 27.7 kcal/mol of olefinic strain energy and 55.2 kcal/mol of strain energy. Consequently, cyclopropenes undergo many unusual reactions such as ring-opening reactions to yield vinyl carbenes, [2+2] dimerization to give tricyclo[,4]hexanes, ene reactions to form 3-cyclopropylcyclopropenes and coupling dimerization to afford 1,3,5-hexatrienes to release olefinic strain energy. In recent years, we have been researching on the synthesis of calixarenes, 2-nitrothiophene derivatives and tropone derivatives.