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Author published in "Food Res. Int." affiliate to

College of Human Ecology

Bing-Huei Chen

Department of Food Science,

Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Article published in 

"Food Research InternationalVolume 147,September 2021, 110468

Recent developments on production, purification and biological activity of marine peptides

Marine peptides are one of the richest sources of structurally diverse bioactive compounds and a considerable attention has been drawn towards their production and bioactivity. However, there is a paucity in consolidation of emerging trends encompassing both production techniques and biological application. Herein, we intend to review the recent advancements on different production, purification and identification technologies used for marine peptides along with presenting their potential health benefits. Bibliometric analysis revealed a growing number of scientific publications on marine peptides (268 documents per year) with both Asia (37.2%) and Europe (33.1%) being the major contributors. Extraction and purification by ultrafiltration and enzymatic hydrolysis, followed by identification by chromatographic techniques coupled with an appropriate detector could yield a high content of peptides with improved bioactivity. Moreover, the multifunctional health benefits exerted by marine peptides including anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-hypertension, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer along with their structure–activity relationship were presented. The future perspective on marine peptide research should focus on finding improved separation and purification technologies with enhanced selectivity and resolution for obtaining more novel peptides with high yield and low cost. In addition, by employing encapsulation strategies such as nanoemulsion and nanoliposome, oral bioavailability and bioactivity of peptides can be greatly enhanced. Also, the potential health benefits that are demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo models should be validated by conducting human clinical trials for a technology transfer from bench to bedside.[Link this the article]


Keywords Marine bioactivesEnzymatic hydrolysisUltrafiltrationChromatographyMultifunctional peptides Chronic disease