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Wei-Lun Liu, M.D.

College of Medicine

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School of Medicine

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Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine & Innovation

    Dr. Liu is the Director in the Division of Critical Care Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, New Taipei, Taiwan. He is also an Assistant Professor in the School of Continuing Education & School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University. After graduation from School of Medicine, National Taiwan University, he completed several years of clinical internship, residency, fellowship, and then became an adjunct attending physician at National Taiwan University Hospital. Prior to his current position, Dr. Liu served as an attending physician in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and the Director of Center of Quality Management at Chi Mei Medical Center.  His professional interests and specialties range from Internal medicine, Pulmonary medicine, Critical care medicine, Mycology, Medical ultrasound, Geriatric medicine, to Patient safety and quality of healthcare. 

    Dr. Liu is an active committee member in many professional societies, including Taiwan Society of Internal medicine, Taiwan Society of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine, The Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, ROC, Taiwan Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics, Taiwan Lung Cancer Society, Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, and American Thoracic Society. 

    Dr. Liu has authored or co-authored over 100 articles in invasive fungal infection, acute respiratory distress syndrome, lung cancer, ventilator-associated pneumonia, antibiotic resistance, sepsis, tuberculosis, patient safety, etc., and shared his research papers at international conferences, such as American Lung Association/ American Thoracic Society International Conference, Asia Pacific Congress on Clinical Microbiology & Infection, Trends in Medical Mycology, Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, ISQua’s International Conference, etc.


Center of Innovation

    Dr. Liu is currently the director of the Center of Innovation (CFI), leading several inventions in CFI, the most important one of which is MAC WARD. MAC WARD is a pandemic prevention ward, using recycled and recyclable materials, the MAC ward construction generates less carbon and other waste than a similar sized room made of concrete using traditional construction methods. Built with recyclable materials meets the circular economy design concept. Like Lego bricks, which can be assembled into different shapes, easy to disassemble and recycle, and reduce the waste of social resources caused by temporary construction. It can quickly reach pandemic areas lacking isolation wards and insufficient medical staff in response to pandemic prevention needs and lightweight design. When the pandemic is over, it can still be quickly converted to general ward space for continuous use.

    The conceptual design of MAC WARD is jointly designed by the Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital (FJCUH) Center for Innovation (CFI) and MINIWIZ. It uses design thinking and innovative methods to solve healthcare issues through intelligent and humanized design, offering a kinder and wiser treatment for suffering patients. It also takes into account and protect the health of medical staff, so that multiple users (patients, family members, medical staff) can feel relief, and recover both physically and mentally.


    The design of the ward components is developed in a modular way. Through the standardization of the panels and the standardization of fasteners, the design goals of rapid transportation and assembly are achieved. At the same time, the panels use environmentally friendly materials that can be reused and are recyclable, and waste cane be transformed into novel building materials to reduce the waste of manpower, time and space and earth environment resources caused by construction.


    It can quickly be converted to a dedicated ward with negative pressure, or be set up quickly as a logistics facility such as medical gas or physiological monitor, respirator equipment at around the hospital and connected to the hospital, to meet the surge in demand for medical resources and can sat the remote monitoring to ensure the patients' safety and minimizing contact, provide a safe medical environment.


    MAC WARD is designed to be used as a general ward during ordinary times. When responding to the pandemic, various types of wards can be assembled within 24 to 48 hours to achieve the rapid conversion function, increase the flexibility of the ward, and restore the original ward function when the pandemic returns.

    The MAC WARD module has been built on the 12th floor of Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, and has been officially put into the ranks of the special ward for epidemic prevention in New Taipei City in June 2021. It has also won the Asia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Award and the Golden Design Award, iF Design Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan, National Innovation Award and other domestic and foreign awards.


Smart Healthcare Solution–AIoT Security Connection Technology Platform in Clinical Application

    In addition, Dr. Liu is also actively introducing AIoT into Clinical Application. Through the AIoT Security Connection Technology Platform, secure video and information access services can be built up in MAC WADR. In hospital, especially in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), to remotely view the patient’s status and related data of medical equipment safely is very important and necessary. However, these clinical needs were not possible due to the poor information security of current IoT network. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the importance of a secure environment for long-distance medicine has been more highlighted. If there is a security information connection platform which fulfil the requirement of long-distance medicine, health professionals will not need to enter the ICU with layers of protections just to understand the patient’s condition. The AIoT Security Connection Technology Platform enhances the existing smart healthcare solution in information security, provides a more safer internet connection for the health professionals to real time view the patient, related data of medical equipment and medical records remotely, also protect the privacy of patient. Safety and quality medical care can conveniently be done by the health professionals through the AIoT Security Connection Technology Platform.