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Ken-Pa Chin, Ph.D.

College of Liberal Arts


Department of Philosophy

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Philosophy and Theology

Kenpa Chin is currently a full-time professor at the Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University and the host of the Philotheo Logos Research Room. Chin has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from National Taiwan University, was a visiting scholar at Harvard University, and is a docent at Renmin University of China, a professor and director at the Graduate School of Religion (Chung Yuan Christian University), a distinguished professor at Chung Yuan Christian University, a “Guanghua Lecture” speaker at Fudan University, and a speaker of the Christian Cultural Festival hosted by Chung Chi College (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).


Chin has published a number of books including God’s Foolishness and Wise Men; Habermas; God, Relation & Discourse; The (Im)Possibility of Faith; What is Sino-Theology; Horizons of the Blind; Joseph and His Brothers; Gazing at Life; Red Stars and Cross; and Toward the Oikonomia and the Revolutionary Christianity.


Chin was also the editor-in-chief of the following book series: Sino-Christian Classics Library CollectionThe Christian Academic SeriesThe Complete Works of Nai-Zing ZiaCollected Essays on the Public Theology of Chinese ChristianityA History of Christian Thought Series, and Debates between Ancient and Modern Times.


In 2004, Chin created an international journal (i.e., Sino Christian Studies), which was officially included in the AHCI in 2006, making it the first religious or theological journal in the Chinese area to be included in the internal index database.


Chin’s research interests and professional experience include researching 20th century Western continental philosophy and shaping and integrating Chinese people’s understanding of Sino-Christian theology. Examples of such topics include conversation between Chinese socialism and Christianity, Chinese public theology, state–church relations and ideologies, localized theology, and the history of Christian thoughts in Chinese.