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Featured Scientist
Katia Lenehan, Ph.D.

College of Fashion and Textiles

Associate Professor

MA Program in Brand and Fashion Management

Interdisciplinary Dialogue between Philosophy, Education and Aesthetics

  Philosophy is one of the main foundations of all learning. The author has devoted herself to the philosophy of education, aesthetics, phenomenology and metaphysics, as well as various philosophical theories for more than 20 years. She has Completed two academic works, Beauty and Goodness in Jacques Maritain’s Theory of Art and The Education of Man: On the Liberal Education of Jacques Maritain, discussing in depth the relationship between aesthetics and ethics, as well as Catholic anthropology and its relation to liberal arts education. In addition, the author for the past ten years has published a total of 7 book chapters; as well as a total of 34 journal papers: including 2 English and 9 Chinese journal papers in A&HCI; and other journal papers in TSSCI and THCI, as well as 1 English journal paper in SSCI. The publication of such a large number of diversified papers has allowed the author to deal with issues relating to education, philosophy and aesthetics in depth, and to fully integrate theory and practice through the research methodology of Chinese-Western comparison and of interdisciplinary dialogue.