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Chieh-Yuan Wang, Ph.D.

College of Social Sciences

Associate Professor

Department of Social Work

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Improve and safeguard the rights and interests of the elderly as well as the quality, sustainability and practice of the lives of their families in the elderly society by professional social work services for the elderly

Assistant Professor Chieh-Yuan Wang, is currently teaching at the Department of Social Work, Fu Jen Catholic University. She has been involved in the field of social work for the elderly for many years. Her main research fields include welfare and services for the elderly, social work for the elderly, community care, long-term care policies and services. She obtained a master's degree and a doctorate degree from the Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University in 2003 and 2016, respectively. Up to now, she has published 17 academic papers and participated in the writing of ten monographs related to the field of long-term care. Her studies focus on the impact of foreign manpower training and labor experience in long-term care institutions on care work. Meanwhile, she also pays attention to the cultivation and development of professional manpower for social work for the elderly, so as to continuously improve the professional manpower input and service quality of long-term care recipients.


In practice, she has served as a frontline social worker directly serving the disabled and demented elders and families for decades, holding a social work professional license, a social work professional license, and a senior professional social worker certificate. Serving as a review committee member of the senior social work division and continuing education resource and supervision, she has diversified and frequent exchanges and interactions with practical partners in social work for the elderly. This experience has driven Assistant Professor Chieh-Yuan Wang, to participate in various industry-university programs, such as the "Ministry of Health and Welfare 2021 Elderly Welfare Service Demand and Resource Consolidation and Service Use Model Analysis" plan as co-hostess, the host of Taoyuan City Health Bureau "2019 Long-term Care Service Satisfaction Survey", Taoyuan City Government "2019 Taoyuan City Elderly Living Conditions Survey", Hsinchu Municipal Government's "2019 Taoyuan City Senior Citizens' Living Conditions Survey" plan to implement the exchange and application of theory and practice, and create more industry-government-academic cooperation.


In terms of social services, she serves as a member of Hsinchu and Taoyuan’s Elderly Welfare Group, Taoyuan’s Social Welfare Policy Group, and Hsinchu’s long-term care promotion committee; participated in the professional community as the 14th Deputy Secretary-General of the Taiwan Professional Association of Social Work Professionals, Director of the Taiwan Professional Association for Elderly and Long-term Care Social Work and the 7th Director of the New Taipei City Social Workers Association, and has long-term participation in elderly welfare institutions and community-style and home-style evaluation work. Meanwhile, she serves as the supervisor of the "Independent Advocacy-In-organizational Elderly Rights Advocacy Program" of the Elderly Welfare Promotion Alliance, the joint external supervisor of the Taoyuan City Family Caregiver Program, and the China United Advocacy Review Committee, has participated in the promotion of various service community-style, home-style, and institutional-style programs of Long-term Care 2.0.


At present, she is implementing the two-year program of the Ministry of Science and Technology to discuss "the implementation of dementia care and training models for foreign care workers in long-term care insti