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Fu-Li Chen, Ph.D.

College of Medicine

Distinguished Professor

Department of Public Health

Personal Website

Professional Experience

2018.8-till now, Distinguished Professor Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan.

2016.8-till now, Director of Human Research Ethics Center, Fu-Jen Catholic University

2014.2-till now, Professor, , Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Professional Service

2020-till now  President of Society for Taiwan Health promoting School, Taiwan

2020-till now  Director of Taiwan Health Promoting School International Network Center

2008-2021    Board of School Health, Bureau of Education in New Taipei City, Taiwan

2011-2021    Board of School Health, Bureau of Education in Chia-Yi County, Taiwan


Major List: Refereed Journal Articles (* Corresponding author)

1. Chen FL*, Chen PY, Wu J-C, Chen Y-L, Tung T-H, Lin Y-W (2020) Factors associated with physicians’ behaviours to prevent needlestick and sharp injuries. PLoS ONE 15(3): e0229853.  [SCI,IF=2.776; Ranking:24/69(Q2) Multidisciplinary sciences]

2. Chen FL, Chiou SY, Luh DL, Wang YW* (2020). Effectiveness of health promoting school international accreditation: a study from the perspective of students’ health behaviors. Taiwan J Public Health 39(1):27-40. (TSSCI) (* Corresponding author)

3. Chen FL, Chen KC, Chiou SY, Chen PY, Du ML, Tung TH (2019). The longitudinal study for the work-related factors to job performance among nurses in emergency department. Medicine (Baltimore). Medicine 98:12. [SCI,IF=2.208 ; Ranking:55/156(Q2) (Medicine, General & Internal)]

4. Wu JC, Tung TH, Chen PY, Chen YL, Lin YW, Chen FL*(2015). Determinants of Workplace Violence against Clinical Physicians in Hospitals. J OCCUP HEALTH, 57:540-547.[SCI, IF=1.109, Ranking: 121/162,2014]

Health and Well-being Sustainability and Practice for All through Health Promotion Program

  Dr. Fu-Li Chen, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Public Health at the Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. The main research area is school health promotion with particular focus on child and adolescent risk behaviors prevention, development and evaluation the Health Promoting School (HPS) framework. Another research area is workplace health management with particular focus on workplace bullying and smoking hazards, and the relation of workers’ health. In the past ten years, Porf. Chen is implementing many healthy school projects, medical education and workplace health projects.


  1. School Health Promotion

  Regarding the adolescent’s health, Professor Fu-Li Chen has completed many studies about anti-smoking, school bullying prevention program for elementary school students since 2000. From 2011 to now, she has been leading three national projects which were “Taiwan elementary and high school students and faculty health behaviours survey”, “Health promoting school international accreditation program” and “Health promoting school international network program” sponsored by the Taiwan Health Promotion Administration. In addition, Health Promoting School International Network Center (HPSINC was set up by Prof Chen research team at Fu Jen Catholic University since 2019.This center main mission is to promote and share Taiwan HPS experiences and create more international cooperation.


  1. Workplace health promotion

  Prof. Chen undertook the “Developing core indicators for Integrated Healthy Workplace Management” project sponsored by Taiwan IOSH from 2015 to 2017.She is working with professor Peter Chen about the related workplace bullying projects and papers’ writing. Dr. Peter Chen is a professor of Auburn University in USA, at Past President of Society for Occupational Heath Psychology, Editor of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, and Fellow of Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, he has gained international expertise in the areas of occupational safety and health management and workplace health promotion.


  1. Medical education

  In terms of medical education, since 2008, the host of the project has continuously received medical education subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), including 2008-2012 " Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Program for Health Professionals”; 2015-2017 " Effectiveness of Workplace Violence Prevention Program for Medical School Students-Applications of Skill-Based Group Learning and Interactive Technology Intervention Strategies ''; 2017-2018 ``Research on the Use of Life Skills-based Teaching Models to Prevent Workplace Violence in Medical Workers”; 2018-2020 “Development and evaluation of the education and training model of hospital clinical supervisors to prevent workplace violence management skills-applied skill-oriented group learning and interactive technology learning strategies'' etc.

  Based on the results of these research projects, Prof. Fu-Li Chen has participated in many international conferences and be invited as a presenter or moderator, published many international journal articles as well. Professor Chen has shown a high quality research and has published in the areas of adolescent risk behaviours prevention, health promoting school and workplace health promotion.