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Author published in "Mathematics" affiliate to

College of Education

Cheng-Chi Lee

Department of Library and Information Science, Fu Jen Catholic University,

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Article published in

"Mathematics" 20219(14), 161

Efficient Implementations of Sieving and Enumeration Algorithms for Lattice-Based Cryptography

The security of lattice-based cryptosystems is based on solving hard lattice problems such as the shortest vector problem (SVP) and the closest vector problem (CVP). Various cryptanalysis algorithms such as (Pro)GaussSieve, HashSieve, ENUM, and BKZ have been proposed to solve these hard problems. Several implementations of these algorithms have been developed. On the other hand, the implementations of these algorithms are expected to be efficient in terms of run time and memory space. In this paper, a modular software package/library containing efficient implementations of GaussSieve, ProGaussSieve, HashSieve, and BKZ algorithms is developed. These implementations are considered efficient in terms of run time. While constructing this software library, some modifications to the algorithms are made to increase the performance. Then, the run times of these implementations are compared with the others. According to the experimental results, the proposed GaussSieve, ProGaussSieve, and HashSieve implementations are at least 70%, 75%, and 49% more efficient than previous ones, respectively. Link to the article


Keywords: lattice-based cryptography; sieving algorithms; efficient software implementations; SVP