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Author published in "IEEE Transactions on Image Processing" affiliate to

College of Management

Hao-Chiang Shao

Department of Statistics and Information Science

Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Article published in

"IEEE Transactions on Image Processing"   30,  2021.

DotFAN: A Domain-Transferred Face Augmentation Net

The performance of a convolutional neural network (CNN) based face recognition model largely relies on the richness of labeled training data. However, it is expensive to collect a training set with large variations of a face identity under different poses and illumination changes, so the diversity of within-class face images becomes a critical issue in practice. In this paper, we propose a 3D model-assisted domain-transferred face augmentation network (DotFAN) that can generate a series of variants of an input face based on the knowledge distilled from existing rich face datasets of other domains. Extending from StarGAN’s architecture, DotFAN integrates with two additional subnetworks, i.e., face expert model (FEM) and face shape regressor (FSR), for latent facial code control. While FSR aims to extract face attributes, FEM is designed to capture a face identity. With their aid, DotFAN can separately learn facial feature codes and effectively generate face images of various facial attributes while keeping the identity of augmented faces unaltered. Experiments show that DotFAN is beneficial for augmenting small face datasets to improve their within-class diversity so that a better face recognition model can be learned from the augmented dataset.