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Chung-Heng Hsieh, Ph.D.

College of Art

Associate Professor

Department of Landscape Architecture

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Culture and health landscape

  Associate Professor Chung-Heng Hsieh has joined the Department of Landscape Architecture in Fu Jen Catholic University since 2014. In there, he has been involved in the professional field of wide coverage, including landscape architecture, landscape planning, leisure and recreation, etc., and also served as a visiting professor for the Department of Landscape Architecture in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at his PhD program period. And that's when he starts the study on culture and health landscape for more than ten years. Among those ten years as a teaching professor, he had engaged in projects such as national park, forest park, national parkland, large-scale park, and even citizen farm garden. Have feeling in the importance of regional revitalization and local creation in recent years, he has also expanded his study plan to rural cultural landscape management, and till the year of 2021, Professor Hsieh has received almost ten departmental research plans due to his speciality on cultural study. Moreover, Professor Hsieh is honored to take part in health and well-being research plan of late years, and expands landscape research onto healthcare field, with the help of virtual reality technology to introduce landscape design into revitalization environment and landscape intervention scheme, thus allowing patients to enjoy nature via virtual reality appliance, and further soothe those discomforts from invasive therapy, also with the spiritual comfort and warmth as well.

  With respect to teaching and service, Associate Professor Chung-Heng Hsieh has continuously combined service learning with corresponding courses, and let his students learning by doing, as on the one hand, he teaches landscape science, and on the other hand he takes students out of classroom to connect speciality with land and people. Due to accumulated experience and deep feelings on local creation, Professor Hsieh then further pushes research into local creation through performing several rural revitalization and local creation plans in recent years, proposes operation model suggestions according to investigation on the difficult situation of local environmental resources, and meanwhile assists in developing cultural tourism industry and designing souvenir, cultural creative articles, etc. Therefore, Professor Chung-Heng Hsieh’s studies now are not only limited to landscape design, but involved in cross-domain application and cultural creation field, and under such research teaching and service background, Professor Hsieh continues to learn current landscape practice and applied technology, on the other hand, he also emphasizes on landscape’s social and economic values to the public. Our hope is that, with Associate Professor Chung-Heng Hsieh’s researches and practical operations, more benefits and welfare will be provided to the social mass.