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Chung-Shen Wu, Ph.D.

College of Social Sciences

Associate Professor

Master Program in Non-Profit Organization Management

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Critical Sociological Research Assisting the Resurgence of the Vulnerable

After the credit card crisis in 2005, hundreds of thousands of people in Taiwan were unable to obtain proper legal assistance, leading them to embark on the path of "debt avoidance/debt evasion." Despite legislation in 2008, they still could not access appropriate legal support. Associate Professor Wu Zongsheng of the Department of Sociology at the Academy of Social Sciences has been engaged in research on consumer debt/credit card debt for many years, working closely at the forefront by serving as an advisor to self-help groups and establishing NGOs to assist the vulnerable. He has produced research and contributed to legal reforms, providing countless vulnerable individuals with the opportunity for a new beginning. Over the past decade, he has trained numerous talents for NGOs/NPOs and social enterprises. He is also a key member of the East Asian Financial Victims Association, collaborating closely with Japan and South Korea.

The issues of poverty and social inequality require not only the assistance of social welfare and humanitarian organizations but also a systematic examination of the deficiencies in social structures and institutions. This can be achieved through various studies such as social finance and social impact assessments, aiming to identify upstream problems. Associate Professor Wu Zongsheng is leading research projects, including the Ministry of Science and Technology's "Pandemics and Poverty: A Preliminary Exploration of Debt Clearance and Pauperization in Taiwan after the COVID-19 Pandemic." He integrates research and practical experience through the Academy of Social Sciences' User-Side Research (USR) project, actively implementing solutions on the ground and continuously exploring various social issues facing Taiwan.