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Ariana Chang, Ph. D.

College of Management

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    Having spent her formative years in San Francisco and Vancouver, Dr. Ariana Chang is currently based in Taipei. Dr. Chang is currently a faculty member in the Business Administration Department and will be joining the Interdisciplinary Program at the Fu Jen Catholic University. Her main area of research is in CSR, sustainability, and stigmatized work. She is currently undertaking research on examining how, and under what conditions, social responsibility and sustainability can be enhanced in the very system that businesses operate. Businesses increasingly play a critical role in addressing grand challenges such as climate change, global health and inequality.


    Dr. Chang is proactively involved in several research projects and one of the ongoing projects examines how sustainable ventures respond to institutional complexity through package-free Shops. Her current research focuses on social responsibility in stigmatized occupations. Recently, her book chapter (forthcoming) The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Responsibility in Stigmatized Occupations (Routeldge, 2022) investigates how social responsibility is further necessary for stigmatized workers in times of a crisis. This research aims to promote social responsibility and reduce inequities and care among marginalized populations living with and affected by stigma. 


    Recent publications include: “Reflection on Taiwan’s CSR awards” (Review of Securities and Futures Markets 2021-in Chinese), “Addressing SDGs through Social Innovation: Bridging Technological Innovation and Education” (Taiwan Economic Monthly Research 2020-in Chinese), “Interest Rate Derivatives and Risk Exposure: Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry” (North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2020) and “Can Country Trade Flows Benefit from Improved Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings?” (Economic Modelling, 2019). In addition, she co-authored a teaching case “Sustainability Claims: The case of Unpackaged U. in Taiwan” (National Taiwan University Case Center, 2020) to have students explore what constitutes a credible sustainable brand.


    In the last years, Ariana has served as a columnist for CSR @ Commonwealth (CSR knowledge platform based in Taiwan). She is also an adjunct faculty at National Taiwan Normal University’s Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development. Before joining Fu Jen, Ariana previously lectured at New Taipei City’s Social Enterprise Development Center. She also obtained M. Mus and B. Mus degrees from the University of British Columbia. A fervent passion for social justice has reigned throughout her academic and personal pursuits. She is a strong supporter about the preservation and promotion of endangered cultural heritages (e.g. indigenous heritage) and the environment.