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Author published in"Tourism Management"affiliate to

College of Fashion and Textiles

Yaohua Su

Graduate Institute of Museum Studies,

Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei City 24205, Taiwan

Article published in

"Tourism Management" Volume 69, December 2018, Pages 214-222

Contemplating museums’ service failure: Extracting the service quality dimensions of museums from negative on-line reviews

Museums are important attractions in contemporary cultural tourism, which has brought them economic benefit as well as managerial challenges. Museums' mandate of custodianship and curatorial and educational focus on tangible artifacts and facilities has been diverted to and augmented by the intangible memories, emotions, and experiences of visitors and tourists. Identifying museum service failures from social media is complementary to, rather than a contradiction of, museum visitor satisfaction assessment. This study, through adoption of interdisciplinary literature, has extracted twelve service qualities— assurance, reliability, responsiveness, tangibles, empathy, communication, consumables, convenience, servicescape, purposiveness, contemplation, and first-hand experience—as grounds for contemplating conception and operation of museum tourism as well as consumer-based museum servicescapes. [ Full article]


Keywords Museum tourism Museum management On-line review Service failure Service qualitySocial media Trip Advisor Visitor experience