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Yung-An Lee, Ph.D.

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2021 "Diagnosis and Identification of Imported and Exported Plant Quarantine Pests and Research and Development of Quarantine Treatment Technology" - Integrated identification and analysis system for quarantine pests detected by border inspection

(1) Problem Analysis
The number of harmful organisms, such as pathogens, pests, weeds and mites, which are intercepted by domestic plant quarantine units during quarantine every year is quite large. In addition to species identification by quarantine personnel, these pests also rely on the assistance of domestic scholars and experts for identification; moreover, these identification data also rely on long-term establishment of databases as data for analysis and reference by competent authorities.

(2) Key issues to be solved
The identification of diseases, insects, weeds, and mites is an important procedure for animal and plant quarantine of imported and exported agricultural products. How to systematically systemize and strengthen the plant quarantine system is the key to ensuring the quality of domestic agricultural products. This plan is the only important integrated system of plant quarantine technology and plant inspection samples in China. It has achieved fruitful results and has established complete quarantine integration data, which is a reference for the government and quarantine personnel. This year, we will continue to strengthen the implementation of the established pest identification system, and conduct quarantine identification for samples of diseases, insects, grasses, and mites in imported agricultural products. Among them, the imported samples are mainly the harmful organism samples detected from the imported agricultural products provided by the Bureau of Prevention and Inspection and each sub-bureau, which will be analyzed and identified by the identification experts of this system and the quarantine personnel of each sub-bureau. This identification collection system is responsible for data collection and analysis, handling of urgent and important quarantine cases, and data integration and analysis.

executive body
National Chung Hsing University

Co-organizer (Cooperative) Organization
National Taiwan University
Changhua Normal University
National Sun Yat-sen University
Fu Jen Catholic University
Chaoyang University of Science and Technology
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology